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                                           How We Grade Used CD's

CD Haven guarantees all used CD's to play perfectly. Without a skip or a hop. Each disc is tested track-by-track before going on our site.

We know you also love your used CD's as collectors items.  So we utilize a simple grading system to note any aesthetic issues with either the CD or the inserts / booklets.

Please note that jewel cases will often show scuffs.  They lead a hard life protecting the CD inside.  We can't guarantee jewel case condition.  Though we will always ship in a replacement case if the original case is cracked (excluding DVD-Audio, MFSL, and fatboy cases)

                 CD Grades                                                                              

A. Mint condition, may have a couple very light marks on the playing surface or slight wear around the hub 
B. Disc will show some marks on the playing surface and may have scuffing near the center hole
C. Disc has easily identifiable scratching and scuffing that do not affect play



  Insert Grades

A. Mint condition, no visible wear-and-tear
B. Minimal wear-and-tear, possible bending or indentations
C. Likely some tearing or bending - possibly some water/liquid damaged the booklet